Podcast #6: Are foreign athletes welcome in France?

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Podcast #6 : are foreign athletes welcome in france ?

published on 31/01/2024

written by arno koch

mike scott
Zsanett Bragmayer
Ćamila Mičijević

In this new COM1SPORT podcast we’re lucky to welcome three foreign and international athletes who are performing in France: Zsanett Bragmayer, a Hungarian triathlon champion who plays for Metz-Triathlon, Mike Scott, a basketball player who played in the NBA and now plays for SLUC Nancy and Ćamila Mičijević, a Croatian international handballer who recently moved to Metz-Handball.


In this episode, we’ll look at various aspects of welcoming foreign athletes to France. What are the advantages and disadvantages of choosing France as a destination for their sporting careers? What policies and programs are in place to facilitate their integration and success? 


We also take a look at the NBA experience of our guest Mike Scott, who shares his rich experience, his relationship with the French language going back to high school and his adaptation to the French style of play, as well as learning more about the feelings of an athlete like Zsanett on her arrival in Metz and the warm welcome she received.

We hope this episode will give you a better understanding of our guests’ personal experiences and their contribution to France’s rich sporting diversity. Stay tuned for more exciting episodes exploring the fascinating issues surrounding sport. 

See you soon

Podcast #5: On the road to Paris 2024

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Podcast #5 : On the road to paris 2024 

published on 31/01/2024

written by arno koch

augustin bey
Benjamin choquert
tamara horacek

As the Paris 2024 Olympics approach, the question arises: how is a new generation of French champions preparing to shine? Dive into their stories with a fascinating podcast made by COM1SPORT, featuring Augustin Bey, Tamara Horacek, and Benjamin Choquert. 

What have they learned from their experiences in Tokyo and Rio?

How are they preparing, physically and mentally, for Paris 2024? 

What strategies are they adopting, between autonomous preparation and structured training?

Tamara, Benjamin and Augustin reveal the fascinating secrets behind sporting excellence.

The podcast touches on many other fascinating discussions around Paris 2024. The expectations of French athletes, the anticipated highlights, and the particular challenges of organizing these games in their own country…

A privileged access to the world of top-level Olympic athletes, allowing you to better understand what lies behind medals and records. Augustin Bey, Tamara Horacek and Benjamin Choquert remind us that the road to Olympism is paved with determination, hard work and passion. l  

We wish them the best of luck!

Listen to our podcast and immerse yourself in the world of professional athletes. Available on all your favorite podcast platforms.

Podcast #3: Sport and media, social media vs. traditional media who’s number 1 in 2023?

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Podcast #3 : sport and media, social media vs. traditional media who’s number 1 in 2023 ?

published on 31/01/2024

written by arno koch

with the participation of 
Inès lagdiri from france télévision
Matthieu henkinet from let’s go metz and moselle tv
colline billot

In this exciting new episode of our podcast, we explored the fascinating debate between social media and traditional media in the world of sport in 2023. Our guests for this lively discussion were Inès Lagdiri, journalist at France Télévision, Matthieu Henkinet from “let’s go Metz” and Moselle Tv, and Colline Billot, communications manager at Nancy Handball. 

Together, they brought rich perspectives on the evolution of sports media and the duel between social and traditional media.


On the one hand, Inès Lagdiri shared her perspective as a TV journalist, highlighting television’s strong tradition of sports coverage and its essential role in broadcasting major sporting events. She discusses how traditional media are seeking to stay relevant by trying to integrate social media more and more into their offerings. On the other hand, Matthieu Henkinet and Colline Bullot talk about the multiplication of offers for consumers and the constraints linked to the transition to digital, while sharing their personal experiences within their respective organizations.

The discussion reveals that the sports media landscape in 2023 is in constant evolution, with fierce competition.

Podcast #2: Are women powering communication?

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Podcast #2 : Are women powering communication ?

published on 31/01/2024

written by arno koch

with the participation of 
lea guillou
colline billot
julie decker

In the heart of the Stade Symphorien, we welcome three remarkable women from the world of sports communications: Colline Billot, head of communications at Nancy Handball, Julie Decker, head of communications at FC Metz, and Léa Guillou, head of communications at Metz-Handball.

What is the place of women in a sector long dominated by men? And how do they deal with the sexism that can sometimes manifest itself?

Creativity plays a central role in their work, but how much innovation is needed to keep the attention of the public? They give us examples of innovative campaigns and initiatives that have propelled their clubs onto the media scene.

How do they collaborate with other departments within their respective clubs? How do they deal with budgetary constraints, which often mean finding innovative solutions?

This discussion is a source of enrichment for those considering a career in sports communications, or who want to get a glimpse behind the scenes of a professional sports organization. Are women really the leaders in the world of communications? Let’s hear their answers in this new COM1SPORT podcast available on all platforms.

Podcast #1: is sports marketing the weak point of French sport?

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Podcast #1 : Is sports marketing the weak point of French sport?

published on 31/01/2024

written by arno koch

with the participation of 
Amandine Mohamed
Gregory muller
Bertrand fenot

What are the keys to success in the world of sports marketing? 

This is the question that Amandine Mohammed, Marketing Manager at Moselle Open, Bertrand Fenot, Marketing Manager at FC Metz, and Gregory Muller, Marketing Manager at Metz-Handball, will attempt to answer in front of our microphones.

Is the future of sports marketing based on American-style models? 

Can collaboration between clubs revolutionize the local sports landscape? How can we continually improve the fan experience? All these questions and many more will be addressed through the experiences of these players in the sports business.

All in all, this podcast offers a fascinating insight into the world of sports marketing in Metz, highlighting key points in the development of a structure. An inspiring lesson for all those seeking to excel in the world of sport and marketing.

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