About us

COM1SPORT, a sports communications agency from Metz, shares its missions and values ​​with you.

our Missions

COM1SPORT is the communications agency with sports DNA par excellence. We differentiate ourselves through dynamic content that pushes your customers to watch the VIDEOS that we produce because of their quality and their ability to interest.

Our mission is to support sports structures and private companies in their digital strategy. Our goal is to offer you different types of content (videos, photos and live streaming) so that our service meets your expectations!


our  Values 

COM1SPORT’s values ​​are initially close to its customers, that is to say that the company strives to retain its partners and to have a long-term relationship with different sports structures and/or companies. We can take the example of Metz Handball and Nancy’s SLUC which are the most loyal partners of the company with which it has worked since its beginnings.

Secondly, COM1SPORT also has important values ​​such as providing extremely qualitative final work for all the services that the company offers, which is why the company has a very good reputation with professional sports structures in the Greater -East and today COM1SPORT is requested by the department of the city of Metz.

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