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YouTelUs Estelle Laurier

published on 31/01/2024

written by riad roncari

In this new episode of our YouTelUs series, we welcome professional football player Estelle Laurier, who currently plays in the women’s league 1 at FC Metz. She talks about her unique journey, having studied in the United States before returning to Europe and tells us about her first steps in the world of football. Do you want to learn the cultural differences between the USA and France? Estelle explains everything to us according to her experiences!


In this episode, Estelle Laurier also answers our questions about her vision of women’s football and its place in the media. Is it sufficiently covered? Do we talk enough about women’s football? Today, she tells us everything about this experience that she lives every day.


This episode also represents the opportunity to learn more about her personality and her beliefs since Estelle shares with us her sporting idols as well as her values. Now, go follow his development within FC Metz!

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