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Podcast #1 : Is sports marketing the weak point of French sport?

published on 31/01/2024

written by arno koch

with the participation of 
Amandine Mohamed
Gregory muller
Bertrand fenot

What are the keys to success in the world of sports marketing? 

This is the question that Amandine Mohammed, Marketing Manager at Moselle Open, Bertrand Fenot, Marketing Manager at FC Metz, and Gregory Muller, Marketing Manager at Metz-Handball, will attempt to answer in front of our microphones.

Is the future of sports marketing based on American-style models? 

Can collaboration between clubs revolutionize the local sports landscape? How can we continually improve the fan experience? All these questions and many more will be addressed through the experiences of these players in the sports business.

All in all, this podcast offers a fascinating insight into the world of sports marketing in Metz, highlighting key points in the development of a structure. An inspiring lesson for all those seeking to excel in the world of sport and marketing.

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