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Podcast #2 : Are women powering communication ?

published on 31/01/2024

written by arno koch

with the participation of 
lea guillou
colline billot
julie decker

In the heart of the Stade Symphorien, we welcome three remarkable women from the world of sports communications: Colline Billot, head of communications at Nancy Handball, Julie Decker, head of communications at FC Metz, and Léa Guillou, head of communications at Metz-Handball.

What is the place of women in a sector long dominated by men? And how do they deal with the sexism that can sometimes manifest itself?

Creativity plays a central role in their work, but how much innovation is needed to keep the attention of the public? They give us examples of innovative campaigns and initiatives that have propelled their clubs onto the media scene.

How do they collaborate with other departments within their respective clubs? How do they deal with budgetary constraints, which often mean finding innovative solutions?

This discussion is a source of enrichment for those considering a career in sports communications, or who want to get a glimpse behind the scenes of a professional sports organization. Are women really the leaders in the world of communications? Let’s hear their answers in this new COM1SPORT podcast available on all platforms.

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