Sport, cohesion and business! It’s time to invest in your partners.

Sport, cohesion and business! It’s time to invest in your partners.

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Sport, cohesion and business! It’s time to invest in your partners.

Published on 17/01

written by ARIELLE GRENU

January is mid-season, so it’s time to take stock. Many questions can arise at this time, such as: has the club achieved its objectives at the start of the season?

Bringing together its partners to convey to them the club’s ambitions is the first date of the year which allows a club to demonstrate its commitments to its partners.

The objective is to establish transparent communication by taking stock of the financial results, sporting results and above all to communicate on the adjustments put in place in order to achieve the set objectives.

an evenT

Creating a mid-term event allows you to maintain the commitment of your partners, as Quentin Lozzia, responsible for communications at Sluc Nancy Basket, tells us: “our partners enjoy coming to our greetings evening because it brings together more than 250 people and , allows only 2 days after the New Year to share a friendly moment between partners around a catered buffet. Especially since it is an opportunity for new prospects to discover our club. » Quentin Lozzia told us that the evening represented a certain cost “it’s not cheap but not excessive either” he believes, but beyond that, it allows us to “create an annual meeting for bringing together partners who contribute to the development of the club”

“That’s it, the objective for the club is to identify: to retain its partners and show them interest through a friendly and nice moment.”


In the end they are simple because it allows partners to come together around a common interest which is sport to exchange with each other and do business.

Nothing could be simpler because this evening allows partners to come together around a common interest: sport. In addition, it allows you to exchange ideas while doing business, in fact the most influential people in the city such as the mayor or notaries were present.


Anthony Hanus, head of the event agency Limitless Event and partner of Sluc Nancy Basket for 3 years, confirms this to us: “This type of event allows us to establish cohesion between the club’s partners because during the matches we do not We didn’t have the opportunity to talk to each other because we didn’t know each other.

This is a key moment for the life of the club because it ensures its sustainability and proper functioning.” We know that partners are essential for a sports club, but bringing them together around a common objective such as sport inevitably creates links between the different sectors of partner companies;

“It is for this reason that Com1sport encourages clubs to find good reasons to organize unifying events, which will obviously be a communication lever appreciated by partner companies. 🙂 ”



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published on 17/01

written by Manon & Élise

Today, smartphones allow us to produce high-quality videos. It may seem simple, but there are mistakes to avoid. This is why Com1Sport gives you the keys to making the best use of today’s tools.


The anchor points of a video taken using a smartphone are the settings. It is important or even essential to check the quality of the image, for example, it is preferable to choose 4k or 1080p quality for the rendering to be successful. The brightness level, so that all the details of the video are taken into account and the file format to ensure optimal results.

the lightning

Lighting is one of the most important aspects to check when making a video. Before each shot, lighting should be controlled in the best way to avoid overexposure or underexposure. It is also important to check for shadows that might not be needed in the video. For quality lighting, be careful to choose the right filming environment so that the result of your project is optimized.

The stabilization of the device

To ensure that the image of your video is as stable as possible, it is recommended to use a tripod or stabilizer. These two tools allow your smartphone not to move during each shot. The camera’s movements will then be controlled, which provides shake-free rendering and ideal video framing.

The environment

Not paying attention to the environment is a mistake. You must be careful that the background is neutral and that the framing is adapted to the proposed video. To keep your community’s eyes glued to your content, you need a simple environment without any distractions.

the repetitions

Don’t just take one shot. You have to take several takes to best perfect your video project. Take the time to take care of your shots and produce different ones to be sure you have managed to film the best content. This will help you during the editing of your production, you will have access to more possible choices.

With these 5 tips, you will know how to make videos with your smartphone without any problem. 😉
And if you want to improve like a pro, Com1sport offers you two-day training, in collaboration with the organization VY Formation, which will show you the basics of video, filming and editing with your smartphone.



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5 key points for successful sports photos?

published on 17/01

written by ARIELLE GRENU

Everyone knows the importance of photos in communication, but behind that, what is the upstream work of a photographer? To answer this question, our photographer Loïc Wacziak spoke to us in a completely transparent manner! Mainly photographing the SLUC Nancy Basket, it is on this team that he decided to focus during this interview.

“Photographing a match is not about me arriving at the meeting time, standing at the edge of the pitch and off we go, no, it’s much more complex than that”


It is essential to know your equipment inside out “I check my equipment before each match” he tells us. According to him, it is essential in this profession, in fact, depending on the lighting conditions, to have professional equipment allowing quality photos to be taken. But he insists on one point: “it’s not with great equipment that you’re going to take great photos. It really helps the photographer’s work”.

Get informed

Finding out about the teams and the players is essential to approaching a match according to our photographer “What I often do is that I find out about the news on the two teams who are going to play as well as the players and their states of form” he explains to us. It is by following the news of a sport, of the players or of a team that the match can be considered in a calm manner.


Passionate about his work and basketball, Loïc makes us understand that this alloy can be felt through his photos “I unconsciously have more investment than in another sport” he tells us. Basketball being his favorite sport, he explains being able to anticipate certain actions at certain moments I think it’s really an asset to be able to take good photos.”

to pay attention

Attention, according to our photographer is the most important point, in fact, it is a job where you have to be attentive all the time in order not to miss THE moment of the match, this important moment that you need to immortalize at all costs.

curiosity, adaptation and reactivity

these three terms sum up what a good photographer must be, in fact he must :

  • Be curious to obtain original photos.
  • Adapt to conditions that are not always optimal in order to always offer quality photos.
  • Be reactive to actions, he must not fall asleep on the sidelines !

“What we want to make you understand through this article is that we cannot improvise as photographers! So put down your smartphones and call Com1sport! 🙂 ”

Behind the scene

Behind the scene

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published on 17/01

written by MANON & ÉLISE

During the Media Event, Lucas Deslangles was present to take some behind-the-scenes photos of the day. We are therefore going to put you at the heart of this event. 1 team, 11 athletes, 6 speakers, 1 day, 3 activities, 1 Media Event.


4 themes for 4 different podcasts with 6 speakers and 6 athletes:

For this Media Event 2023, many personalities were present. For one of his first interventions in a French media, Mike Scott, former NBA player, was able to talk about his welcome in France as a foreign athlete in the company of Zsanett Bragmayer and Camila Micijevic. You will also discover three Olympians, Tamara Horacek, Augustin Bey, Benjamin Choquert, on their way to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. We will also find out who from social media and traditional media are the number 1 in 2023 with three speakers including the first woman Roland Garros commentator, Inès Lagdiri, alongside Coline Billot in charge of communications for Nancy Handball and Matthieu Henkinet in charge of communications for Moselle TV and president of the media Let’s Go Metz. A final trio was able to debate whether you need to be a coach or trainer to win titles? A look at the new roles of a coach within a group. composed of the current assistant coach of SLUC Nancy, Maxime Zianveni accompanied by Sylvain Marchal, coach at FC Metz, with them, Jordan Rouyer coach for the Metz Triathlon club. These coaches have the distinction of having been high-level athletes. The goal was to find out if their experience as an athlete gave them an advantage in their new coaching role. Podcasts led by Patrice and not to be missed.

Subscribe to our Youtube channel Com1Sport to watch our new content!


The Youtelus, a short interview format offered by the Com1Sport team, allows you to discover a little more about the athletes present with some revelations. Between anecdotes, career records and future competitions, the athletes discuss different questions asked by three members of the Com1Sport team, Arno, Manon and Elise. Going by the theme of cooking for Tamara Horacek or tattoos for Benjamin Choquert, we were still able to ask Mike Scott the difference between the American and European style of play! Teasers will soon be available on our networks to show you the Youtelus atmosphere, Com1Sport style. How does all this come together? As soon as the athletes arrived in the filming room, our goal was to put them at ease and a few details had to be checked: setting up the lavalier microphone, adjusting the image and sound and a mission was given to athletes, having to clap at the start of each recording. Almost a missed step, the marker was missing on the big day!


The shooting carried out by Loïc Wacziak and supervised by Ivann allowed all the guests to take part in the lens game. Loïc made a point of putting them at ease, showing them the postures to take, using the furniture for high quality photos, adapting to each person’s personality, physique and even discipline. . A few light adjustments, setting up the guests and the shoot was ready to start. Between laughter, sincerity and outfit changes, these images highlight the very relaxed atmosphere of this Media Event day. Find the photos on the different networks of the participants of this Com1Sport event.


The Tiktokeuse with 87k subscribers, Lilouakeup, was there to pamper our guests. She took the time to do their makeup to go to the Youtelus shoot and filming. The makeup point was not an obligation, but many of them took part in the game. You can discover Tamara Horacek in full preparation by Lilouakeup.

Thanks to Lucas Deslangles for accompanying the Com1Sport team during this 2023 Media Event and for providing us with all these behind-the-scenes images!

The 5 reasons to do your internship at com1sport in 2023

The 5 reasons to do your internship at com1sport in 2023

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Communication internship Metz: 5 reasons to do your internship at Com1sport

published on 17/01

written by MANON & ELISE

“Com1Sport, our young, dynamic and accessible digital communication company is waiting for you. If you are creative, adept at new technologies, versatile and want to do a communications internship in Metz, our team is made for you. To be part of it, here are the 5 points you can rely on.”

An experience with our professionals

Com1sport allows you to highlight your creativity and your skills acquired during your years of study. You will be able to discover the sporting environment from a new angle thanks to sports structures and private companies. We will offer you innovative projects and missions, including creating digital content while being in contact with high-level athletes or even participating in events specific to our company.

Our team

With us, you will be able to discover teamwork independently where communication is the key to our projects. The Com1sport team will help you in the areas of production with Patrice, editing with Arno and marketing with Ivann. With us, you will find real support from our experienced professionals.

Your future professional network

Our company’s relationships can give you access to a versatile network of communicators. Thanks to our missions and events, you will be in constant contact with sports, communication and events specialists. These contacts will be a major asset for your professional future.

Our recruitment method – Metz communication internship

For us, it is essential to take an interest in the profiles of our future interns. Our approach is simple, ask our candidates to answer a few questions in order to better understand you, your abilities and your thoughts. After this stage, our Com1Sport team is ready to meet you to discuss the missions that will be entrusted during the internship. If all these steps are completed, then you will be the ideal intern for our team.

A potential career in digital communication?

Un stage bien déroulé peut amener à des opportunités professionnelles. Aujourd’hui, notre équipe Com1Sport se compose de deux de nos anciens stagiaires qui continuent de faire évoluer leurs compétences et d’apprendre toujours à nos côtés. Ceci est la preuve qu’un stage peut marquer un réel tournant pour ta carrière.

“Now that you know the 5 reasons, join the Com1Sport team in 2023! 🙂 ”

Close to its community: The key for a sports club?

Close to its community: The key for a sports club?

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Close to its community: The key for a sports club?

published on 17/01

written by ARIELLE GRENU

There are hundreds of ways to communicate for a sports club, but many of them are not always relevant, we tell you everything about how to communicate well in this article!

Inform your community

A club, regardless of its size, must keep its community well informed! Matches, results, club news are subjects that interest sports fans. Traditional media remain essential to target the entire public, this is what the communications manager of Metz Handball, Sébastien Chevant, made us understand: “We have two public poster campaigns during the year. We also have the Républicain Lorrain which does quite extensive journalistic coverage of the club, we announce all the matches. We also have radio partnerships with France Bleue.”

Communicate on social networks

But nowadays, communicating on social networks has become essential for a sports club, this is what Sébastien Chevant explains to us “The main means of daily communication for the club will be social networks” he believes. They allow rapid and effective communication with a very large number of individuals, but the question to ask is the following: With what content are all these networks supplied?

“Post-match interviews are videos that generate a significant number of views and which inevitably help get people talking about the club.”

To distinguish oneself

It is important to differentiate yourself from other clubs by proposing innovative ideas, this is the case with Metz Handball which conducts interviews after each match. What is the point ? Quite simply to create a dimension of proximity between the players and the public! Hot reactions, feelings of joy, dissatisfaction or sadness can be felt through these interviews, thus arousing the interest and curiosity of fans. According to Sébastien Chevant “Post-match interviews are videos which generate a significant number of views and which inevitably allow people to talk about the club”. Additionally, these videos “are loved by fans.” Other interview formats are offered by the club so as not to bore people. Indeed, cross-interviews are a good way to find out more about the players while renewing the content broadcast.

“This is why many sports clubs call on Com1sport, to differentiate themselves by offering original content which will subsequently feed their networks with relevance! 🙂 ”

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