We take you behind the scenes of a photo shoot for a professional sports club.

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Inside : We take you behind the scenes of a photo shoot for a professional sports club. Inside Media Day at MHB

published on 31/01/2024

written by arno koch

inside media day at mhb

In our new inside video, we invite you on an adventure to the heart of Metz-Handball as we go behind the scenes of a memorable photo shoot with the team. Discover the set-up, unexpected moments, equipment management and creative adaptation that made this shoot a success 🔥


“What would a photo shoot be without problems?” As Loïc says, the unexpected is an integral part of a photo shoot. And even if good preparation allows you to rule out quite a few, you have to remain ready to bounce back, to know how to adapt! The athletes, the staff, everyone’s waiting on you but the shutter doesn’t go off, and you don’t know why… you’ll find out how we did it, not without a sweat. 

An interesting part of this shoot is the staging for the photos of the official Metz Handball boutique, you’ll see how we used different spaces to showcase the team’s various outfits and accessories, an opportunity to try out some new shots. 

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published on 31/01/2024

written by arno koch

inside the sluc nancy 2023 media day

How does a photo shoot with a pro team work? 

Loïc Wacziak takes us along for SLUC Nancy’s media day. 


What’s a media day?

A media day is a day mainly dedicated to covering a club’s photo and video needs. The content is then used at matches or on social networks throughout the season. And that’s one of our specialties!


This is your chance to discover his meticulous set-up before the shoot, but also to benefit from his advice and expertise, particularly when it comes to the equipment used. 


What equipment to use? What location to choose?

Meredis Houmounou, Jordan Bowden, Antony Labanca… You’ll be immersed in the action and interactions with the SLUC players and team: Loic knows how to capture the essence of the sport, the intensity of the competition, and the emotion of the athletes. His patience and expertise enable him to capture the perfect shots at the right moment.


In this video, we learn that sports photography is much more than simply pressing the shutter release. It’s an art form that requires a sharp eye, patience and an unwavering passion for the sport. As a bonus, discover the results of his breathtaking and original photos. 

We hope you enjoy this behind-the-scenes look at our shoot.


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