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Podcast #6 : are foreign athletes welcome in france ?

published on 31/01/2024

written by arno koch

mike scott
Zsanett Bragmayer
Ćamila Mičijević

In this new COM1SPORT podcast we’re lucky to welcome three foreign and international athletes who are performing in France: Zsanett Bragmayer, a Hungarian triathlon champion who plays for Metz-Triathlon, Mike Scott, a basketball player who played in the NBA and now plays for SLUC Nancy and Ćamila Mičijević, a Croatian international handballer who recently moved to Metz-Handball.


In this episode, we’ll look at various aspects of welcoming foreign athletes to France. What are the advantages and disadvantages of choosing France as a destination for their sporting careers? What policies and programs are in place to facilitate their integration and success? 


We also take a look at the NBA experience of our guest Mike Scott, who shares his rich experience, his relationship with the French language going back to high school and his adaptation to the French style of play, as well as learning more about the feelings of an athlete like Zsanett on her arrival in Metz and the warm welcome she received.

We hope this episode will give you a better understanding of our guests’ personal experiences and their contribution to France’s rich sporting diversity. Stay tuned for more exciting episodes exploring the fascinating issues surrounding sport. 

See you soon

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