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5 key points for successful sports photos?

published on 17/01

written by ARIELLE GRENU

Everyone knows the importance of photos in communication, but behind that, what is the upstream work of a photographer? To answer this question, our photographer Loïc Wacziak spoke to us in a completely transparent manner! Mainly photographing the SLUC Nancy Basket, it is on this team that he decided to focus during this interview.

“Photographing a match is not about me arriving at the meeting time, standing at the edge of the pitch and off we go, no, it’s much more complex than that”


It is essential to know your equipment inside out “I check my equipment before each match” he tells us. According to him, it is essential in this profession, in fact, depending on the lighting conditions, to have professional equipment allowing quality photos to be taken. But he insists on one point: “it’s not with great equipment that you’re going to take great photos. It really helps the photographer’s work”.

Get informed

Finding out about the teams and the players is essential to approaching a match according to our photographer “What I often do is that I find out about the news on the two teams who are going to play as well as the players and their states of form” he explains to us. It is by following the news of a sport, of the players or of a team that the match can be considered in a calm manner.


Passionate about his work and basketball, Loïc makes us understand that this alloy can be felt through his photos “I unconsciously have more investment than in another sport” he tells us. Basketball being his favorite sport, he explains being able to anticipate certain actions at certain moments I think it’s really an asset to be able to take good photos.”

to pay attention

Attention, according to our photographer is the most important point, in fact, it is a job where you have to be attentive all the time in order not to miss THE moment of the match, this important moment that you need to immortalize at all costs.

curiosity, adaptation and reactivity

these three terms sum up what a good photographer must be, in fact he must :

  • Be curious to obtain original photos.
  • Adapt to conditions that are not always optimal in order to always offer quality photos.
  • Be reactive to actions, he must not fall asleep on the sidelines !

“What we want to make you understand through this article is that we cannot improvise as photographers! So put down your smartphones and call Com1sport! 🙂 ”

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