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YouTelUs Mérédis Houmounou

published on 31/01/2024

written by riad roncari

In this new episode of our YouTelUs series, we welcome Mérédis Houmounou, the current captain of the Nancy SLUC basketball team! The 34-year-old sportsman has won the French second division championships twice, in two different clubs, and intends to continue this momentum.


As captain of his team, his role is very special. What does it actually mean to lead a team? Is it difficult? Does he have to face difficult choices? Mérédis answers all our questions and shows us her leader’s point of view!


Close to the SLUC in Nancy, we can regularly show you the daily life of a professional basketball club and if you want to learn more, don’t hesitate to follow us for a future episode of YouTelUs!

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