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YouTelUs Astrid N’Gouan and Aurélien Tchitombi

published on 31/01/2024

written by riad roncari

In this new episode of our YouTelUs series, we have the chance to welcome Astrid N’Gouan, double world champion in women’s handball, double French champion within Metz and with even other titles, as well as Aurélien Tchitombi , in the same discipline on the men’s side and who currently plays as center half at Grand Nancy MHB. He has already won the French championships and intends to showcase his qualities and his game!


Here you will learn the various facets that make up handball! What qualities are required for each position? How do you experience a match depending on your position? What can we hope for after having already won numerous titles? If handball is a sport that appeals to you, don’t wait any longer to watch this episode!


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