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Close to its community: The key for a sports club?

published on 17/01

written by ARIELLE GRENU

There are hundreds of ways to communicate for a sports club, but many of them are not always relevant, we tell you everything about how to communicate well in this article!

Inform your community

A club, regardless of its size, must keep its community well informed! Matches, results, club news are subjects that interest sports fans. Traditional media remain essential to target the entire public, this is what the communications manager of Metz Handball, Sébastien Chevant, made us understand: “We have two public poster campaigns during the year. We also have the Républicain Lorrain which does quite extensive journalistic coverage of the club, we announce all the matches. We also have radio partnerships with France Bleue.”

Communicate on social networks

But nowadays, communicating on social networks has become essential for a sports club, this is what Sébastien Chevant explains to us “The main means of daily communication for the club will be social networks” he believes. They allow rapid and effective communication with a very large number of individuals, but the question to ask is the following: With what content are all these networks supplied?

“Post-match interviews are videos that generate a significant number of views and which inevitably help get people talking about the club.”

To distinguish oneself

It is important to differentiate yourself from other clubs by proposing innovative ideas, this is the case with Metz Handball which conducts interviews after each match. What is the point ? Quite simply to create a dimension of proximity between the players and the public! Hot reactions, feelings of joy, dissatisfaction or sadness can be felt through these interviews, thus arousing the interest and curiosity of fans. According to Sébastien Chevant “Post-match interviews are videos which generate a significant number of views and which inevitably allow people to talk about the club”. Additionally, these videos “are loved by fans.” Other interview formats are offered by the club so as not to bore people. Indeed, cross-interviews are a good way to find out more about the players while renewing the content broadcast.

“This is why many sports clubs call on Com1sport, to differentiate themselves by offering original content which will subsequently feed their networks with relevance! 🙂 ”

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